Korey Strozier

Do what you HAVE to do, so you can do what you WANT to do!

Korey J. Strozier has a unique set of assets and skills that serve the Tacoma community well. Korey is a graduate of Pierce College, Central Washington University & City University. He has served in multiple capacities to provide culturally relevant and effective support to students, from athletics to case management.

Korey is extremely passionate about education and takes extreme pride in his work providing academic advising, career guidance information, employment assistance and connections to social and health services to students working to retrieve credit and achieve a high school diploma. Korey is deeply invested in today’s youth and has a passion for the opportunities that education brings to the students and families of our city & state.

He has an impeccable reputation in the educational realm, as well as a wealth of community connections that serve all students well!

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Focus & Finish Strong: 5 Simple Steps to Help You Get to the NXT LVL!


What’s Next? Straight Forward Steps to Refocus & Gain Traction

This talk provides students with practical steps that can be immediately put into play. This engaging speech is perfect for the top of the school year, after semester break or the start of a new class. “A goal without a plan is just a wish”, set your students on a path to success with this talk.

You’re Already a Leader, Now LEAD!

It’s rather common for young adults to feel that a position or title is what gives the ability to lead. When in actuality, in some way shape or form, EVERYONE is a leader; it can be in the family, the classroom, the playing field etc. This talk helps students identify where they’ve been called to lead and a surface level explanation of leadership styles that could benefit the High School student.

All Hustle, No Luck

This is my success story! I share with students how throughout my entire life the odds have been stacked against me, from being born 2lbs 8oz, falling in love with the word NO and winning at all costs! I live by the quote “Someone took the situation you’re in and won with it”, help your students eliminate the woe is me attitude by engaging in this talk.

What People Say

“Great Job Korey! You hit a homerun with WSAC staff and presneted exactly the message we hoped you would. Your passion and commitment to students is unprecedented, admired and greatly appreciated.”

Dr. Gene Sharratt

Former Executive Director, WSAC

“You were truly amazing today! I am so greatful to have heard you speak in person. Thank you for all that you do, and for the positive impact you are making on the students of Washington State. Your message came through loud and clear for me and i’ve been quoting you all afternoon!”

Crystal Williamson

Parent, Everett Public Schools

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