Mike Coleman

Empowering students to reach their greatest potential

Encouraging big dreams and reassuring hope & self-worth

Mike Coleman

Mike Coleman is a dynamic youth speaker and a national recording artist. Mike brings charisma, energy, and motivational messages to every audience. He founded the Building & Making Noise brand to use music and speaking to make a positive impact in peoples’ lives.

As an older brother, his parents always urged him to set the example for his two younger siblings. Even still, Mike struggled with his identity as a leader during his teenage years. He never felt “cool” enough to influence others. In 2010, his youth pastor pulled him aside and told him that he was called to lead and he was gifted to speak. From that day forward, Mike was trained to be a youth mentor and an empowerment speaker. Since then, he’s been using his musical talent and speaking ability to change lives around the world. He recognizes that all it takes is one person to believe in you to make a difference.

Mike has a passion for connecting, pushing and inspiring the youth. He aims to equip them with valuable tools that can be used to navigate through life. Mike understands that children and teenagers alike face many challenges; such challenges can lead to feelings of depression, self-doubt, and various insecurities. Through messages centered in resilience, positive thinking, and leadership, Mike encourages young people to dream big, respect others, and exude excellence.


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Building Resilience

Assembly – 45 mins

In this session, Mike Coleman shares the importance of resilience. Oftentimes, we allow our circumstances to determine our fate instead of fighting to beat the odds. But we can change that! We can control our response! In the face of adversity, difficulties, background, and current circumstances, there is hope. Mike Coleman will encourage students to define their ‘WHY’ and fuel their motivation, equip students with tools to overcome barriers and execute their goals, and activate positive thought processes to determine their future destination.

Learning Outcomes

  • Will challenge students to define their why and fuel their motivation for success
  • Equip youth with tools to overcome barriers and execute their goals
  • Will reinforce the thought process that their current circumstances don’t have to determine their future destination

In-Person & Virtual Experiences

Presentations are available to be presented in-person and/or virtually (via Zoom).


“The students were all smiles and loved his positive energy! Amazing message! Would love to have him back! The kids were so excited to see him and engaged during his performance.”

Erica Aulava


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